You cannot spell HERO without HR

hr2.jpgIt is not often when I am really caught off guard by a remark, but recently while attending a panel style discussion lead by three Human Resource Managers that also serve as 401(k) Plan Sponsors, one of them made a comment that threw me for a loop. She said, “People don’t realize what a lonely job being a Human Resource Manager can be.” She went on to elaborate on the fact that few, if any, members of a company can really appreciate all that the HR professional has to do throughout the day. The rest of the panel members agreed and listed off a myriad of tasks from personnel manager to staffing firm to marriage counselor that most members of human resources serve as besides their official written job description. In an effort to bring others into your personal world or to at least garner a better appreciation for what you do, here are a few much easier said than done ideas for HR professionals.

  1. Find a sidekick– The HR workforce is full of superheroes; and superheroes never need for help, right? Wrong! We all know that Batman had Robin and Wonder Woman had Wonder Girl. Therefore, it is so important that you finds an individual either within the organization or outside to assist with the tasks that you are too busy to tackle to help you free up some time to continue saving the world (or at least your company). Look to your advisers and product providers for resources that they can provide to help you do your best work.
  2. Ask for help – One of the hallmarks of an awesome HR professional is the level of care and selfness that they often exhibit; often to the point that they do not want to appear overwhelmed for the fear that they might burden another employee. However, by not asking anyone for help, you may be creating unnecessary work and/or stress for yourself down the line. Asking for help can also be a great way to involve those valued individuals who report to you by allowing them some extra responsibility.
  3. Delegate more – Delegating is the hardest task for me personally, since I like many hard-working professionals, think my way is often the best way. Recently though I have come to the realization that done beats perfect every time and my way isn’t necessarily the only way. While it is extremely important that tasks get done to your standards, it is also important that items that you do not love to do or are too busy to complete get done as well. Figure out the items that you can let go to free up time to do what you do best.
  4. Say “No” – While you may not be able to say no to the employee standing at your door or your boss demanding an immediate response to an email, there are ways to say little no’s throughout the day. Thinking of saying no to things like checking Facebook every 15 minutes or sitting in on a weekly meeting that does not impact the way you do business as a way to free up time. Also, consider turning your email off for an hour a day as a way to focus on completing outstanding projects. If you are one of those HR superheroes who feels like they could use a sidekick, I would love to talk to you about ways to find advocates and to ask for assistance. As a HR professional, you do so much for your company; isn’t it time for someone to help you?


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