What is keeping your employees awake at night?

shutterstock_171835172A recent survey finds that 62% of Americans are losing sleep over at least one financial problem, and the most common worry? Retirement savings.

According to a 2015 CreditCards.com report, people are up counting sheep at night concerned about some serious money issues.

  • The most common money fret is saving enough for retirement; two in five Americans say this keeps them up at night at least occasionally. People between the ages of 50 and 64 are the most concerned (50% said they fret about their retirement savings – or lack thereof – in the wee hours).
  • The second-biggest concern is educational expenses. This time, it’s younger adults who are the most troubled. 50% of 18-29 year-olds are losing sleep worrying about how they’re going to pay for educational expenses (much higher than the 31% of the overall population who have this fear). Student loan repayment is a sincere, honest concern for young Americans. Trent Grinkmeyer had a great article recently for parents of young children with ways to save for their college education. It seems as if more parents had saved and prepared 20-25 years ago, there would be a lot more people sleeping well tonight.
  • 29% of Americans are losing sleep because of healthcare/insurance bills, 27% because of their ability to pay the monthly mortgage/rent and 21% because of credit card debt.One thing that all of these concerns have in common is that they can be solved, or at least lessened, with proper planning. Working with a qualified financial advisor to assist your people with financial topics such as budgeting, debt reduction, and retirement readiness, can make the difference between a well-rested, alert workforce and groggy, stressed-out employee population.


Source: http://401kspecialistmag.com/401ks-as-a-sleep-aid-retirement-savings-keeping-clients-up-at-night/


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