122-bAs Strategic Plan Coordinator for our team, I am passionate about working with company Presidents, CFOs, CEOs, and human resource professionals to design, implement, and manage a total benefit strategy, including 401(k) plans and group health and welfare plans, that not only represents the best interests of your employees, but also attracts and rewards top level executives.

In the office, I am lovingly referred to as “the ERISA nerd” because I am energized and inspired to continually learn more about the ins and outs ofplan design through the guidelines set forth by ERISA as demonstrated by the Qualified 401(k) Administrator (QKA) designation that I hold .  Using my “nerd knowledge”, it is my goal to enlighten and empower plan sponsors with maximized plan design.  I truly believe there is not a goal out there for your benefit’s plan that cannot be achieved through research, collaboration, and a little creativity.

Why this blog?  

I have heard consistently from current clients and prospective clients that there is nowhere to turn when you have questions about the design, administration or best practices associated with your company’s benefits plans.  It is my goal to give you short articles and snippets of information that you can use to become a more effective, efficient, and confident administrator of your plan.  I would also encourage any of my readers to send me your own best practices tips. I would be happy to share them on your behalf on this blog for the group to learn from.

The A-Team famously said in the 80’s, “I love it when a plan comes together.”  I feel the same way; it’s just a 401(k) plan.