March 15th – A Scary Day to Open the Mailbox

March 15th – A Scary Day to Open the Mailbox

Highly Compensated Employees Receiving Taxable Refunds
and Why This Type of Refund is NOT a Good Thing for Employees or Employers

mailboxToday, some of you may go to your mailbox and find a check waiting for you. This check may be anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. And on any other day, but today, you would probably be thrilled to find such a surprise awaiting you in a mass of otherwise junk mail. However today, March 15th, is the deadline to make 401(k) compliance testing refunds to avoid a 10% excise tax (to your employer); therefore, if you receive a check today (or in the next few days) from the company that recordkeeps your company’s 401(k) plan , then you have just received a 401(k) refund.

A 401(k) refund occurs when your company’s 401(k) plan fails its annual discrimination testing; the amount that is refunded is the amount that was needed to be taken out of the 401(k) account of each affected highly compensated employee in order to bring the test into a passing range. If you are an HCE that receives a refund, then you will also receive a 1099-R and you must report the amount as taxable income in the year in which the refund was received.

hce 1.pngThere are several annoying implications of receiving money out of your retirement plan. The first is that money that you intended to be set aside as tax deferred is now taxable at a time that is more than likely earlier than you would have liked. The second is the potential impact to your overall retirement plan in that any money that comes out of the plan early is lessening that which you had saved for retirement. Finally, we have found that there is a compounding negative impact on your desire to want to continue to participate in your company’s retirement plan when refunds are received in multiple years.

hce2.pngReady for the silver lining in this article? There are options that are available to retirement plans to correct the issue of refunds. Most of them involve examining the plan design to determine if there could be any modifications that would improve the likelihood of the plan passing testing. A Safe Harbor plan design would allow the plan to receive an automatic pass of the compliance tests that cause refunds. Adding an automatic enrollment option could give an immediate boost to participation numbers which could give added support to the testing calculations. Implementing a comprehensive education plan could bolster both participation and deferral percentages. These are just a few of the designs and your plan would have to be reviewed in detail to determine if one of these or potentially another solution would be right.

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